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As an overview, Immortal Technologies provides every service you might need for web and internet marketing. We are a full of Products based company, meaning that we can handle every aspect of your online presence from website design to internet marketing. We know how to take your products and services to the web and get them noticed; the end goal is to generate targeted traffic, leads and sales for your company.


Billing Software

Billing software automates the tedious process of billing for services rendered or products purchased. An extensive selection of similar programs available in today's market feature distinct functions designed to meet the needs of particular industries. Some time and billing software, for instance, caters to professionals such as attorneys who charge their clients based on total billable hours.


CRM for Schools & Colleges

The use of CRM software systems helps the educational institutions attract and withhold correspondingly qualified and prospective students, better relationships with corporate clients, improve the conversion coefficients and cut down the number of lost opportunities or applicants.

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